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Currently Casey is a member of the GettyImages / Stock Photography Agency.
for more on his photos, please contact casey at

Casey's photography has been published by the following publications and companies...

LIFE Magazine
Rolling Stone Magazine
SPIN Magazine
Vibe Magazine
Billboard Magazine
Vouge Magazine
Time Magazine Online
HBO Entertainment
People Magazine
AOL Entertainment
ABC News
New York Magazine
Esquire Magazine Online
Yahoo Entertainment
Relix Magazine
Universal Music Group
URB Magazine - Massv Inc.
Interscope Records Publicity
Superfly Produtcions / Vegoose Music Festival
Pollstar Magazine
Where San Diego Magazine
New Vision Photography (Architectural Photographer)
The Winter Music Conference, Miami, Fl. & The International Dance Music Awards
Street Scene Music Festival, San Diego, California

Particle - Management - Publicity
The Home Page for the "space porn"
Funkadelic fusion band that is changing
the world with their surrreal jams.

Umphrey's McGee
Management - Publicity

Management - Publicity

Sound Tribe Sector 9
Management - Publicity